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The next Subaru dream?

We all know, if you didn’t then I will tell you, the New York Auto Show is about to open up this week. Everyone is awaiting the new design for the Subaru STi. Everyone at Subaru is tight-lipped about the project so little is known but for now all we’re given is this picture. Hopefully a monster to be, under wraps …



Tarmac Ready … almost

So the other weekend we got together for a good half day to work on the car. Pulling the suspension to clean the struts, realigning the struts to allow for the wider tires, all that fun stuff. While we had the car in the garage and up on jack stands we thought it’d be a smart idea to flush out some fluids, change the oil and other “regular” car things.

After that we buttoned her all up and took her for a test drive. She handles like a proper STi again. I have been driving her with soft, squishy and STUDDED tires for the last 3 months whenever I took her out. I almost forgot what a tarmac setup feels like. I managed to score a great deal on the tires that we will be using for the next event and subsequent hill climbs this year. They should be arriving here this week. I guess the Easter Bunny will be dropping them off with all the candy!

A pic of the tarmac setup (not our sticky rally rubber yet)

Here is a pic of the new front bumper all painted and unwrapped.


Bag ’em and tag ’em

I finally get to pick the car up tomorrow. I had to travel which meant a delay on bringing her home but we’re back in business tomorrow. She’s all ready to go with the paint repairs from our meeting with the oak tree in WRNY. Next up is a Saturday of sunny weather and suspension cleaning. We’ll be taking the RSSP’s out to clean them up and lowering the car to tarmac specs. I’ll also go through the car and change the fluids of course for the next rally, which is only 3+ weeks away!

We might even take the car out into a fresh clearing for some gravel fun before pulling the suspension off, maybe make a little video for you guys…

Here are some cell phone pics of a bagged Rally car waiting for her ride home …


all the damage fixed and looking pretty good


reaching new frontiers of the interwebz …

OmG We’Re On FaCEBook!!!!

now if you’re wondering whats going on with the team and you’re too lazy or forgot the site for the Blog we have a facebook page. It will have similar stuff of the blog, pics, stories, events and soon coming TEAM: Pin It To Win It swag …

Check it out, become a fan, have your friends become fans and stay in touch with us at TEAM: Pin It To Win It through our Rally Season!/pages/TEAM-Pin-It-To-Win-It/352320258349?ref=ts


fresh paint – no pictures yet

so the fresh new OEM bumper and fender got some lovely World Rally Blue paint. I apologize for the lack of pictures but the car is about an hour away from me.

The next stop is to vinyl for the rally livery we all love. In the mean time we’ll be stripping out the RSSP suspension to clean them after the snow event. Making them all fresh for the New York tarmac.

p.s.- if you live under a rock, go to and check Ken Blocks stage times and follow his progress through Rally Mexico -WRC.

March 2010
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2010 Season
Rally New York - Snow - January 23-24th -- 3rd in Class 4th Overall
Rally New York - Tarmac - April 16-17th - 3rd AWD regional - 6th Overall
Wicked Big Meet - Wachusett Mountain June 13th
New England Forest Rally - July 16-17
Okemo II Hillclimb - August 7-8
Burke II Hillclimb - August 28-29
International Rally New York - September 10-11
Mt. Ascutney II Hillclimb - September 18-19

The “To Do List” …

Organize the Co-driver area
Vinyl the replacement body parts
Make PITWI swag