Winter Rally New York – 2010

So we managed to make it back alive from our first staged rally event. I could probably babble forever about it but I’ll try to keep it short with as much visual excitement as possible.

Friday we loaded up the truck with as much as we could shove in there. We don’t have any spares so most of the space was taken up by tools, jacks, jackstands and anything we could use to keep the car together. Seeing how the weather wasn’t cooperating we brought along three types of tires. We had gravels just because, studless winter tires if the conditions called for it and of course the mandatory studded winter tires. After the truck was loaded and all our tires were on the trailer we headed on our way to EFI Logics to pick the car up. We were putting the crew at EFI under the gun as the last adjustments on the car took to the last-minute.

We arrived at EFI @ 1pm Friday afternoon and there she was waiting for us. We quickly packed up the car, strapped it to the trailer and after getting some last-minute good luck talks from Chris and the crew we were back on the road. This time with the car!

(joe and rog posing)

We made it to the main service parking around 4pm Friday and had to do some last adjustments to the car before tech, mainly in the trunk area. Of course we also had to put on all the “Rally Flair” for the event which we received after registration.
(rog putting some final touches on)

After the stickahs were placed and the car ready for tech we rolled in and crossed our fingers.

We got our “OK” and the day was over.

Saturday morning came and I think I got a total of 4 hours of sleep. I sat in bed and thought about every possible scenario that could play out. The good, bad and unexpected. Recce started at 815 but being 20th seed we had plenty of time to get ready and transit to Rally Headquarters. After Recce was through we headed into service for Expose. Lined the car up and waited for the Ceremonial start.
(anxiously waiting)
Finally the stages started and the car got its first taste of Rally! We took it slow the first few stages to get a feel for not just working together but also the conditions. Saturday was an unseasonal 45 degrees by race time which made for a sloppy, mud, ice, snow mix. We decided to focus on nothing more than driving and reading the notes so we made the easy choice for studded snows at whatever pressure Treadzone decided to mount them at and left the suspension however they came. No need to complicate an already complicated job. As the stages progressed and the daylight faded we were increasingly pushing harder. After the first two services we were clean through 4 stages and already moving up the board due to some DNF’s caused by extremely unpredictable conditions. With daylight gone it was time to mount up the pod and head into the woods. Rallying is enough pressure, rallying at night would again bring a serious dynamic to the race. Two night stages through, and after a very close call with a tree on stage 6, and we were back on transit to Parc Ferme’ for the night. A good clean day of racing put us in 10th overall.
Sunday was an early morning, stages started at 8:30am so we were up and off before the sun decided to join us. Freezing temps over night basically turned the stages into an ice hell. Pushing would have to be well planned and caution would prove  a great asset. Going through the stages confidence was beginning to rise as we found ourselves slowly climbing the standings and by second service found ourselves in 8th overall. Old Mother Nature decided to throw us a curve ball and add sleeting rain to the mix. Confidently heading into stage 10 we were out to continue a great rally but an extremely icy L4 downhill into R4 would prove to much for not only me to handle but the studded Ipikes as well. We lost the rear left into a snow bank and slowly got sucked in, losing all hopes of getting out clean, we impacted a tree and luckily bounced out of the snow. Quickly we were back on stage, trying to regain our confidence and some lost time. Luckily it was a short transit into service where we tended to the damage. Thankfully the bumper beam did exactly what it was designed to do and absorbed/deflected the blow from the tree away from the radiator avoiding a certain DNF since we had absolutely no spares. We ripped the front bumper off, cleaned up the headlight and bent the hood back a bit returning to the stages a bit shook up.

With two stages left we had one thing in mind, finish the rally. Slowly throughout the day other teams times began to get slower and other unfortunate teams DNF’d with uncorrectable offs. We stuck with being conservative and only pushing when we knew for certain we wouldn’t find ourselves in trouble.

Closing in on the last flying finish, I’ve never felt such relief. All the pressure and overall happiness rivals that of anything I’ve experienced. We finished the final stage and headed on our way back to final check in. After our slight wait we rolled in happy to finish, waiting in line we heard a rumor that we might have clinched 3rd in our class, AWD open and 4th overall, more then any of us would’ve asked for!
(joe so happy to get out of the car, bernie obry had to assist. bernie is an awesome guy by the way and really helped the newb crew out!)

Now it was time to celebrate not only a “clean” finish but our podium finish with a bit of the bubblie. In the words of joe “Champagne make it Rain!”

In all it was an amazing weekend. We went out with nothing more than a car, some friends and came home with some awesome memories!

The damage to the car is minor and parts are already being sourced for the next event. We have roughly 8 weeks to get her back in fighting form for Rally New York -Tarmac, the second event of the New York Rally Championship!!

We’re looking forward to bringing you another great story and plenty more pictures!

TEAM: Pin It To Win It would like to thank some people who made all of this possible for us.

EFI Logics – Chris, Jack, Pete and Rob – without a doubt, couldn’t have done it without their help! The car took an absolute beating. It not only smiled doing it but ran extremely well. It’s great to focus on driving and all the other things associated with the event and not if the car is going to blow up or have a mechanical meltdown. Again, thanks!

Voodoo Graphics – All the support to get us there – literally

Most importantly our families and loved ones for supporting us through it all!!!!
I would like to thank Rog and Diogo for sticking through the whole weekend and lending all they could. Joe for letting me take you on a death trip and anyone who checks out this rambeling.

We’ll hopefully have some better images of the event soon so check in from time to time. Videos will be posted up later as well!!!

-Rally On


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2010 Season
Rally New York - Snow - January 23-24th -- 3rd in Class 4th Overall
Rally New York - Tarmac - April 16-17th - 3rd AWD regional - 6th Overall
Wicked Big Meet - Wachusett Mountain June 13th
New England Forest Rally - July 16-17
Okemo II Hillclimb - August 7-8
Burke II Hillclimb - August 28-29
International Rally New York - September 10-11
Mt. Ascutney II Hillclimb - September 18-19

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