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Philo – short and sweet

The shortest mountain on the Hillclimb schedule brings a close to the season. Although it’s the shortest event it is the furthest trip and well worth it. The views from the mountain, which overlooks Lake Champlain, are great!

Arriving at the mountain bright and early Saturday morning made us well aware of the main concern for this event. COLD!! A brisk wintery 22 degrees was the awakening temperature at the base of the mountain on Saturday morning. Sticky tarmac tires + cold = slippery. After the safety checks, meetings and normal shenanigans were done with we started the event.

Being the first trips up this mountain I took it easy in the morning runs, giving ample time for the tires to heat up and the temperature to rise before putting some foot into it. At lunch time I found myself 8th overall out of 42 drivers, which I was happy with considering I was driving 75%. Knowing that personal obligations had me pressed to get only one run in on Sunday, the only day times count, I pushed to find spots on the mountain to cut my times. At the end of Saturday I was sitting in 7th overall and confident that could be improved on but worrisome knowing I could only get one hot time in on Sunday morning.

Again waking up to 20+ degrees on Sunday we headed to the mountain. Pushing to get to the head of the line in my run group, trying to get maybe two runs in. Knowing that one time would have to hold all day I pretty much pushed every place I could. At finish I was surprised to see that on cold tires and chilly mountain roads I was able to get the best personal time of the weekend. Time was up and I had to load the car on the trailer for the 4 HR ride home.

It was a great close to the season and has me full of anticipation for next year!!! I believe I pulled off a 6th or 5th finish overall out of 42 drivers. The results should be posted soon to verify that.

Now for some pictures!
Leaving the staging area:

Boulder hair pin turn, with a little lift…





There was a bad accident sunday afternoon. I would like to wish Ryan a quick recovery and hopefully we’ll see you next year!!


Check the video page for a few videos of the car along with a whole run up the mountain!!

-Rally On


a little bit of progress

So the car is in the process of receiving some upgrades, mainly to the exhaust. Main reason being my old exhaust was completely catless and per NASA rallysport rules is illegal. That wasn’t the only reason. The previous exhaust had accumulated  a lot of dents and scrapes mainly due to the fact that it hung so low by design. Not a good match for gravel and corner cutting.

So the professionals at EFI Logics went to work. So far I’m very happy with the progress

High Flow Catalytic Converter

Jack working his magic

A couple more things to take care of and fingers crossed to work everything out before the hill climb in VT next weekend.

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The “To Do List” …

Organize the Co-driver area
Vinyl the replacement body parts
Make PITWI swag